Early Summer UpdatesFor ActionRunner 4.0

-6/6/2011 You have spoken and we are responding.

It is exciting the number of users who are getting their lives back with the help of ActionRunner. Over the course of the last few months we have received emails from you indicating issues or enhancements that you would like to see with ActionRunner. Currently these are in the preliminary stages of testing and should be available for download soon. Below is a small list of the enhancements or fixes for ActionRunner:

ActionRunner for PC.

  1. Enhancement - Added more naming options to output files
  2. Enhancement - Fixed speed issue with users who have 100's of actions
  3. Bug Fix- Vista and Win 7 users who are experiencing problems when User Account Control (UAC) is turned on.
  4. Bug Fix- Issue with new Tabs not loading instantly when closing the tabs window.

ActionRunner for MAC.

  1. Enhancement - Directory processing for MAC
  2. Enhancement - Added more naming options to output files
  3. Bug Fix- Issue with second file in queue overwriting first file in queue.
  4. Bug Fix- Files named with periods (.) cropping file names.
Other items awaiting development:

Bug Fix- One user has experienced missing copy and move buttons. If you cannot see these in your version please let us know via email. We are trying to reproduce the issue.

Bug Fix- Image missing on the second image. There is a bug that causes a delay in the preview thumbnail for MAC to show "image missing". This bug only occurs randomly on the second image in the queue. Although annoying it does not affect the functionality or the image at all.

Enhancement- We are looking at better recovery and restore options for users that have crashes or lock-ups. We understand that computers can have issues, even the high performance ones. Our goal is to make recovery from these issues as smooth as possible.

Grow With Us At ActionRunner

-8/17/2009 Through our Add-ons section of the website we will soon be providing a place for you to sell your own actions. Coming soon.

Action Runner Buzz Is Live

-8/17/2009 Hey. Soon we will be adding Buzz information so that you will have weekly insight into what is happening in the Action Runner world. Stay tuned.

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