Why was action_runner created?

They say "Necessity is the mother of invention!" In the case of action_runner that is certainly true! In the midst of a growing photography business, a growing family and a growing non-profit (www.thirstrelief.org ) I found myself with real "necessity." I NEEDED time to spend with the one's I loved. Those that meant the most to me were getting the least of me! This was especially true during shooting season when I'd spend 14 hours a day editing images from the past weekend's events. It was NECESSARY that something change. Out of this necessity action_runner was birthed.

If your like me, you probably NEED a change too! You could hire an employee, outsource all your editing or you can purchase action_runner. Instead of spending days editing your images you can spend hours. With a simple drag, drop interface, action_runner empowers you to run as many actions as you desire on as many images as you desire all in one batch! Never again will you have to reset a batch, or come back to see if the first batch has finished so you can queue the second and third and so on. Simply select the images you want, drag them onto the action you desire and click RUN! It's that simple. action_runner will open the image, apply the action and save to whatever folder you designate!

Is action_runner fully customizeable?

action_runner 4.0 comes pre-loaded with 15 of my favorite custom actions (Davis-HicksV.3) but it can also be loaded with all your other favorite actions! If it's a one click action, action_runner is all you need! Simply click on "Edit Tabs and Settings" and then click on the action_runner icon you wish to populate, action_runner will automatically populate your actions in photoshop and allow you to create your own custom pallette. (See video B)

How do I use action_runner most effectively?

I shoot roughly 5,000 images at a wedding. I then go through all 5000 images looking for my favorites based on hi-resolution thumbnails. Then after I select my favorites I choose my "artist choice", (usually around 25-40 images) these images still get my artistic, hand touch edit in Adobe Photoshop. For the rest of my images I still like for them to look amazing! Even if I'm not going to adjust every detail I still want them to have my signature look! Don't you want all your images to look incredible? Of the 1000 final images I usually give my client I'll do the hand touch on the "artist choice" but the rest I run through action_runner. Simply select the groupings you want by holding your "ctrl" key and clicking on your images, then drag them onto the action you want applied, repeat this step until all your images are in queue, then click "RUN". After action_runner has processed your images you can then look at them and if you want any other further actions applied you can re-queue and re-run accordingly. Once your done simply reorder your images based on the original time they were shot and renumber, then ftp to pictage or your lab of choice!

Another great feature about action_runner is that it has a "move" and "copy" feature. Move allows you to "move" your files out of the viewing directory so you know what images have been queued and which have not. But, let's say you want to run a few different actions on the same image, simply choose "copy" and the image will remain visible in the directory allowing you to "copy" it over to as many actions as you desire.

How much money will you save by using action_runner?

Do the numbers and you'll soon discover that the $189.00 you spend on action_runner will be recovered within the first couple of weddings you shoot. With each wedding you shoot and the more customized you make your own action_runner you'll not only save thousands of dollars that you would have spent on an employee but you'll also gain something even more valuable, time!

What could be better than saving time and money?

Saving time and money while saving someone else's life! That's exactly what happens everytime you purchase a copy of action_runner 3.0. With every sale of action_runner we donate enough money to Thirst Relief International to provide a lifetime supply of clean drinking water to at least 3 people who are dying of thirst . . . save time, save money, save lives!

drag, drop, run . . . action_runner 4.0

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